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What are the Best Cheap Gaming Laptops this Holiday?

December 28, 2012 by Meryll divider image

Getting a top-rated gaming laptop would normally blow a hole in your wallet the size of $2,000 or more. But this year a lot of gaming capable laptops are available for less. The reason is mainly that mobile graphics cards become increasingly powerful and deliver more performance for the money.

One of the most interesting gaming laptops that top the search engine these days for affordable but good performing gaming laptops is the $1,500 gaming laptop from M-Tech known as the M8700 17.3-inch gaming laptop. This gaming laptop is claimed by its manufacturer as very powerful and versatile that it promises hard core gamers a good gaming experience

Equipped with the latest processors; 3rd Generation Intel Core i7 with up to 32GB of memory and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670M at 1.5GB GDDR5, the M8700 has support for the latest gaming technologies like DirectX11 and 3D Vision. It can also boost up to 3.40 GHz performance speed to make every game a realistic experience to hard core gamers. Its storage is also adequate enough even for games that require quite a big storage space. Just its primary storage already has a 500GB capacity at 7200rpm and it has up to third storage. A good performing laptop with these outstanding specifications is definitely a great holiday gift already at $1, 500 for hard core gamers.

Another very good option for hard core gamers this holiday for a gaming laptop is Origin’s EON11-S gaming laptop which can be customized according to their preferences. At a price starting from $938, this laptop will definitely be able to give a lot more than what its price is seemingly able to declare. This is an 11-inch laptop that features a very compact but lightweight design. It also has a total security feature that protects it from theft and unauthorized use.

The EON11-S gaming laptop is also equipped with the latest processors and other ultimate performing specifications. It has a 3rd Generation Intel Core processor which is the i7 running at around 2.9GHz and it also has the turbo boost technology which can boost up the performance speed at up to 3.80GHz. Its RAM is at most 16GB DDR3 running at 1333MHz. This gaming laptop also utilizes one of NVIDIA’s latest GPUs which is a 2GB GDDR3 GeForce GT 650M also with an Optimus technology to boost performance when necessary. The storage is also up to a 1TB SATA hard drive, or a more expensive but several times faster SSD.

At a starting price of $938, this is not overly exorbitant for most parents with teens who are hooked on hard core gaming.

While there are a number of gaming laptop manufacturers that would like to make most gamers’ wish come true by offering their products at a lower price, there are also gaming laptop manufacturers that rarely go down much in the pricing department but still make quality products.

One gaming laptop brand that never goes on sale but is a lot more in demand during the holidays is the Alienware line of gaming laptop. Although Alienware does offer discounts, most of their highly in demand products are still at $2,200 or even more expensive.

Alienware M14x which is one of the cheapest gaming laptop editions they have is still at a minimum selling price of $2, 299. But it is definitely packed with excellent features and specifications that would not make anyone sorry for spending the amount especially when they are already on the game. The M14x has a 3rd Generation Intel Core i7 processor which has 6MB Cache at up to 3.40GHz and it comes with the Turbo Boost technology. Its RAM is at a minimum of 12GB 1600MHz DDR3. This gaming laptop also has one of the most advanced GPUs from NVIDIA which is the 2GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with the Optimus technology. This GPU is also supported with at least 256GB Solid State Drive for its storage.

There are also other gaming laptop brands that never seem to drop down their selling prices. But of course, we have to make sure we look closely into the features and specifications more than the way we look into the price.

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