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UPDATED: This is an earlier revision of the Alienware M11x, for the latest deals and coupons on the current models, please have a look at our Alienware coupons page or the latest M11x R3 coupon for updates on the latest version. The R1 version is however still popular–not least because of its attractive price tag and decent all-round feature set. Dell currently sells it for $699, but using the coupon below will take the price down to $649.

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Dell has just launched a deal on the Alienware M11x that is limited to a small amount of units only, so if you are interested in this one you better be quick about it. It’s a the good-old overclocked Core 2 Duo version of the M11x R1 with the tried and tested Nvidia GeForce 335M, which is not as fast as the GeForce 540M in the M11x R3, but still fast enough to play any and all current games at the display’s native resolution (1366×768). It also includes a 500GB hard drive and 8GB of RAM, unlike some of the earlier deals.

What differs in this version compared to the latest M11x R3 is that this one comes with an overclockable Core 2 Duo SU7300–a low-voltage processor that can be turned up to 1.7GHz from its stock 1.3GHz without any adverse effects. The newer versions use CPUs based on the Arrandale 32nm core (Core i3/i5/i7) and provide much better  overall system performance, but the difference in actual games depend largely on the GPU. If you are looking for a low-voltage Core i3 version, which is a much faster CPU,  have a look at the cheap M11x listed at our Alienware coupons page (you have to scroll down for a while).

The difference in performance between the R1 revision and the R3 is quite large due to the updated graphics card, as well as a newer integrated graphics core and Optimus. However, in terms of gaming frame rates, the M11x R1 and its companion GPU the GeForce GT 335M is still capable of playing any games you throw at it, even if you will have to turn down the detail knobs in Crysis 2 and a few other games. Older titles like World of Warcraft and others should be silky smooth.

$649 is definitely a great deal on this little gaming machine. This price gets you 8GB of DR3 RAM, a 500GB hard drive (upgradeable to an SSD), as well as all the regular Alienware extras such as AlienFX backlighting and other Alienware exclusives.

Jesper Berg
Jesper Berg

Gaming hardware enthusiast since the 80286 era.

  1. Me 2, but this is only available in the USA. That means I’m out of luck 🙁

  2. i want to buy this

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