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UPDATED 5/10 2012: There’s a new promotion available at Toshiba Direct! Save up to $300 on customizable Qosmio gaming machines as well as upgrades.

The offer includes pretty much the entire Qosmio lineup, including the 17-inch X775 and X770 as well as the 15-inch F755 glasses-free 3D laptop. Prices start at $999 for the glasses-free F755 3D laptop ($300 off), or $1,039 for the dual-core Core i5 edition of the X770, which is the lowest price so far on this laptop and possibly the best price anywhere on a laptop with the Nvidia GTX 560M. $1,199 gets you a considerably more powerful X755 with a quad-core Core i7 processor.

Visit Toshiba Direct to have a look at the full listing.

Valid until 5/14 2012

All of the 17-inch Qosmio gaming laptops include an NVIDIA GTX 560M graphics card–the same model as in the ASUS G53SX that we recently reviewed but with 1.5GB of video RAM and a wider memory bus. The short version is that it can play all current games at the laptop’s default resolution. The dual-core (Core i5) should be sufficient to power the graphics card, but the Core i7 models offer 4 cores/8 threads and up to twice the theoretical general computing power.

The F755 is an interesting specimen in that it comes with a glasses-free 3D display that shifts resolution depending on the content. It runs in native 1366×768 with 3D on and native 1980×1080(Full HD)  in 2D mode. It ships with a Core i5 processor and a GT 540M GPU. For those hoping to play games in glasses-free 3D, however, it should be pointed out that support for 3D gaming without the glasses is in its infancy and the 3D functionality should primarily be thought of as a movie feature (a Blu-ray optical drive is also included).

Update: The glasses-free 3D laptop has actually been updated and the Qosmio F755 3D now supports “hundreds of games”, according to Toshiba.


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