Lenovo Y550 Gets Core i7 Option and Better GPU

y550According to the latest press release, Lenovo is about to offer its first consumer laptop based on the new Core i7 platform and Windows 7. It also gets updated with a decent GT240M graphics card from Nvidia.The GeForce GT 240M is far from the fastest mobile graphics card currently on the market, but it’s still a step up from the previous 9600M series and provides ample power to run the latest games at decent quality settings.


Of course, the main attraction is the Quad-Core, Hyperthreaded Core i7 CPU that offers four physical and eight virtual cores, plus the so-called turbo mode that kicks in and overclocks the processor when you are not running multithreaded applications (including most games).

In conjunction with Windows 7, Lenovo also ships some sort of software solution called “Enhanced Experience” that supposedly boosts boot times with as much as 57%. Makes you wonder why Microsoft never thought of that – they might want to consider hiring some Lenovo programmers who knows how to incorporate magic into the code before the next service pack release…


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