New 3D Gaming Laptops from Asus

asus_g51j3d_01Acer was first to hit the market with 3D-enhanced laptops, and judging from some early tryouts it appears that it’s working. At least as well as you’d expect, which really doesn’t say a lot. I’m sure that like myself, you fondly remember the first time you put on those geeky-looking red and green specs and endured the nauseous experience of watching an entire movie while twitching in your seat to try and stave off he vertigo.

Last winter’s CES, which I was lucky enough to attend, had a huge focus on the new and improved 3D technology that is now starting to trickle into the mainstream. Nvidia offered an amazing demo of their proprietary 3D tech, with the accompanying polarizing specs that looked slightly less geeky than the previous generation as they’re not just made of red and green plastic film, but instead look something like battery-powered polarizing shades (ok, that’s also really geeky.)

asus_g51j3d_01Anyway, Asus doesn’t intend to let its main rival Acer steal all the attention and now the Taiwanese company has also put together a couple of 3D laptops. Both are based on the latest “G” gaming  series – one is the 15-inch G51J3D and the other the 17-inch G72GX. The base hardware is not official yet, but it’s most likely the same as in the non-3D counterparts, namely Core i7 CPUs and GeForce GTX260M graphics cards plus 1080p screens.

Unlike Acer, which uses the polarizing shades, Asus has gone with active shutter glasses for their laptops. The reason is apparently that this technology is better suited at handling higher resolution screens (Acer’s laptops are 1366×768). Reghardware – the site I stole the pictures and story from – has tested the 15-inch version and says it’s way better than the first batch of 3D laptops from Acer. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for more details and pricing, which will be available along with the laptops sometime next month.

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