Alienware m11x Refresh: Core i5/i7 vs CULV Benchmarks

Alienware m11xLots of potential buyers are probably interested in how the minuscule gaming laptop from Dell, the Alienware m11x, performs after the update from Core 2 Duo CULV CPUs to high-end Arrandale low-voltage Core i7 and Core i5 processors. Now thanks to Anandtech, the results are in. Jarred Walton has tested the 2nd revision of the m11x with an i7-640UM and compared it to the old one (Core 2 SU7300).

It looks like the GT 335 M GPU was not bottle-necked by the CULV processor, as the differences between gaming on the old vs. the new version is almost negligible–just one or a few frames per second. Application performance is another matter entirely thanks to the new low-voltage Core i7, but battery life has taken a hit also. On the whole, there seems to be both pros and cons with moving to the new revision of the m11x.

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