M11x Hinge Problem? No Problem, Says Dell

There’s a lot of talk out there about broken hinges on the Alienware M11x, and the short version of this story is that Dell has promised to fix the issue–globally and even if it’s outside the warranty period.
Not everyone have had problems with the hinges, but as usual (and appropriately) those with a broken laptop have not been pleased and filled quite a few forums with complaints. Dell is now looking to put an end to the discussion and the potential negative fallout for the Alienware brand if this problem had been left unchecked.

For current owners of an Alienware M11x R3: don’t call Dell just yet, because the problem only affects the R1 and R2 revisions of the laptop–i.e., those with an Nvidia GeForce 335M GPU. Those who have problem with their hinges will be taken care of–even if the warranty has expires, which is likely the case with the older revisions. Quote:

Dell will repair broken hinges on any Alienware M11x system for any R1 or R2 customer worldwide regardless of warranty status.

Kudos to Dell for taking care of their customers even when they’re not legally obliged, particularly since the procedure apparently involves replacing the entire display including some wireless gadgetry built into the lid. However, don’t try to send Dell your working R1 or R2 M11x “just in case”. Only units with broken hinges will be dealt with. If they do brake down the line, you will still be taken care of if and when it happens.

This fix is available for Alienware M11x owners worldwide and the only thing you need is your service tag (located underneath the laptop, hopefully, otherwise it should be available in the BIOS). Visit this page and follow the instructions if the hinges problem affects you and your precious miniature gaming laptop.

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