MSI GT780DXR (with GTX 570M) Now Shipping

While the Nvidia GeForce GTX 470M quickly disappeared into obscurity–it was only used in a very small amount of custom built Clevo-based laptops–the GTX 570M is headed down an entirely different direction. This is great news, because this mobile GPU offers a significant speed boost over the GTX 560M with a nowhere near as hideous price tag as Nvidia’s top model, the GTX 580M.

So far this is largely thanks to MSI; the manufacturer has now released two gaming laptops, both 15-inch and 17-inch models, equipped with the 570M. We have already mentioned the 15-inch version, the MSI GT683DXR, which has been available for a while now. Next in line is the 17-inch MSI GT780DXR that just started shipping. The GTX 570M is the only major difference in the DXR model compared to the GT780R that comes with a GTX 560M, but it’s an important one.

Most notably, the 570M is equipped with 336 Nvidia CUDA cores versus 192 in the 560M and 384 in the 580M. It is not quite as close to the GTX 580M as those numbers imply since it has the same 192-bit memory bus as the 560M (the 580M has a 256-bit memory bus) and lower clocks, but it is still considerably faster.

The GT780DXR from MSI is available in two different configurations on the U.S. market–the 095US and the 099US. The only differences seem to be that the more expensive (099US) version comes with 16GB of RAM vs. 12GB in the 095US and 1.5TB of storage space instead of 1TB. These are dual drive configurations with RAID 0 support for improved performance.

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MSI’s GT780 series is a departure from previous gaming laptop designs from MSI. It comes with customizable keyboard backlighting like the current Alienware lineup. Something that is thankfully still present from previous generations is MSI’s proprietary Turbo Drive Engine (TDE)–a feature that overclocks both the CPU and the GPU in the laptop by as much as 30%.


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