XPS 15z – Dell’s MBP 15 Challenger Now Available

There’s no question where Dell has set its sights with the brand new XPS 15z that we caught a glimpse of only a few days ago. It bears a striking resemblance to the 15-inch MacBook Pro–the weight is practically the same (a pound less than the regular XPS 15) and the design is clearly comparable, but there are a few noteworthy differences. The first, and arguably most important difference is that the entry model costs a lot less than its competitor. Another advantage over the 15-inch MacBook Pro is an option for a 1080p “Full HD” panel.

On the other hand it is not quite as powerful on the inside. Some cutbacks have been made on the hardware to deal with the space constraints. It comes with only dual-core versions of the 2nd-generation Intel Core-series processors and the GPU is less powerful than the one in the high-end MBP 15.

The included Nvidia GeForce GT 525M is clearly capable enough for gaming. It is not as powerful as the Mobility Radeon HD 6570M found in the high-end MacBook Pro, but it outperforms the 6490M in the “affordable” 15-inch Apple laptop by a fair margin.

On the whole, though, it certainly looks like a very convenient and nice-looking 15-inch laptop that should appeal to PC users who want something smaller than the regular XPS 15 and have been glancing at Apple’s offerings (which can run Windows just as easily as any PC by the way).

Check it out here.

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