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[Updated 10/27 – Extended]

One week only: As a part of Dell’s signature event promotion, you can now get an XPS 15 equipped with a quad-core Core i7 2630M CPU, 6GB of RAM, a 750GB hard drive and a Blu-ray combo player for just $899! The offer includes a $453 instant rebate + a $100 off coupon for a total value of $553 including free shipping. It is eligible for all upgrades including a Full HD RGB-LED display as well as the Nvidia GeForce GT 540M.

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  • Apply this coupon code in your shopping cart: 932N$0ZCCHWZB9  (expired)

If you’d rather start with an “entry-level” model with a Core i5, you can get an XPS 15 for as little as $799 with a 750GB hard drive , the GeForce GT 540M and free shipping.  This one starts with a Core i5 processor that can be upgraded to a quad-core Intel Core i7, a standard HD (1366×768) display with an option for full HD (1080p), a DVD-RW optical drive, and 6GB of RAM.

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  • In your shopping cart, use the coupon code: 932N$0ZCCHWZB9 (expired)

The included dual-core Sandy Bridge Intel Core i5 2410M runs at 2.0GHz or 2.9 with Turbo Boost. There are numerous upgrades available including quad-core CPUs, up to 8GB of RAM, a 750GB 7,200rpm hard drive or 256GB SSD and a Full HD 1980×1080 panel. All in all a powerful machine, especially if its equipped with a quad-core CPU.

The difference between the GT525M and GT540M is quite small. Both come with 96 CUDA cores, a 128-bit memory bus and DDR3 video RAM. The main difference is that the GT 540M has higher clocks and 2GB of video memory instead of 1GB in the GT 525. Both GPUs are capable of all the latest games, but at high screen resolutions you may have to compromise on the detail settings, especially in more demanding titles.

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