New Dell XPS 15z On the Way

Lately Dell’s thin-and-light models have been given a ‘z’ in the model name, but so far this hasn’t applied to the XPS lineup. Now Dell has put up a teaser on their Facebook page for an upcoming XPS 15z. laptop isn’t shown in its entirety, but from the looks of it the new XPS will be competing with the MacBook Pro and HP’s Envy series with its new lightweight XPS.

It has a chiclet keyboard and a slot-loading optical drive, but other than that no details about the hardware have been revealed. The laptop looks considerably thinner than the regular XPS 15, but not too thin to accommodate a standard-voltage processor from Intel’s 2nd generation Core i7 or i5 series, so that is the most likely platform.

Whether it comes with a dedicated graphics card that is good enough for heavyweight gaming is anyone’s guess, but considering where Dell is aiming with this laptop it should at the very least come with some sort of dedicated graphics solution. However, with the XPS 15z being thinner than average it is unlikely to be a high-end variant; we still remember how HP outdid themselves with the Envy 15–creating an all-too powerful laptop in a small form factor generates a lot of heat and noise and an uncomfortable user experience overall.

We will simply have to wait and see. For now, we can just drool over Dell’s video teaser:


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