Intel Launches New Mobile CPUs

This is not a major update in any way but rather some slight improvements to the Sandy Bridge lineup, which continues to be the best choice for gaming laptops as far as we’re concerned, even if AMD is catching up with its Fusion lineup, which is now available in the HP dv6z among other laptops.Intel has introduced four new processors, that will primarily ship to OEMs, but if you have a customizable Sandy Bridge laptop with a standard socket you might be able to get your hands on one and upgrade (provided you know how, obviously). You probably won’t feel the urge to upgrade anyway, since these models only confer slight increases in clock speed.

Sandy Bridge CPUAll of the four new models are intended for laptops, and two of which are expected to replace a couple of the most popular models on the market today. The dual-core Core i5-2410M is a very common sight in lots of laptop and the same goes for the quad-core Core i7 2630QM, which has more or less become the standard CPU  in gaming laptops these days.  The new models are marginally faster and are expected to succeed the two.

In addition to the updated Core i5 and Core i7 models, Intel has also launched a couple of more humble CPUs aimed at the budget and low-voltage market. With these two, Intel sticks with the good-old Pentium brand, even though there are very few similarities (if any) with the early generations, but why discard an established brand?

The Intel Core i5-2430M is identical to the Core i5-2410M but for a clock speed increase of 100MHz in both the standard frequency and the Turbo Boost frequency. The same applies to the Pentium B960 which also gets an increase of 100MHz compared to its predecessor the Pentium B950. The processor that applies to gamers, the Core i7 2670QM t(hat will replace the Core i7 2630QM) gets a bigger improvement of 200MHz in both normal and Turbo Boost mode.

New Intel CPUs

The 2670QM is without a doubt the most interesting out of these updates, as it is likely to become standard issue for most upcoming and existing gaming laptops. It has the same TDP of 45W, and although the perceived and actual difference in frame rates is likely minuscule, faster is always better as the saying goes (over here at least).

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