HP Pavilion dv6z Quad Edition Coupon

[Updated February 2012]

The Pavilion dv6z is HP’s AMD version of the 15.6-inch dv6 series–now with AMD Fusion APUs and dual graphics. This makes it a very interesting option gamers who want to avoid the price premium on Intel processors but still require good gaming performance.

The most attractive offer right now that is valid for the dv6z Quad Edition is a coupon for $50 off laptops configured at $599+. Free shipping is also included.

  • Visit HP and build yours
  • Then apply the coupon code NBJ5867 (expired)

It should be noted that the CPU part in AMD’s mobile solution are still not on par with Intel’s latest Core i-series in terms of overall system performance, but the processor has a limited effect on gaming performance–this is primarily decided by the capabilities of the graphics card. AMD-based laptops are therefore competitive in the graphics department, especially when you upgrade it with the best available GPU for the platform, in this case an AMD A8 with 6755G2 dual graphics.

AMD’s latest APUs and dual graphics configurations offer a highly cost-effective alternative to the corresponding Intel alternatives. The dv6z has let go of the Phenom II processors, which have been phased out in favor of the latest Fusion architecture (also known as Llano). The processor options not stand between two AMD A6 and two AMD A8 APUs, ranging from 1.4GHz/2.3GHz to 1.8GHz/2.5GHz. The two numbers are with and without AMD’s Turbo Core feature–the AMD equivalent of Intel’s Turbo Boost. All are equipped with four cores and can handle the same amount of threads.

On the graphics side you can choose between the AMD Radeon HD 6520G, 6620G, 6545G2, 6645G2, or the fastest 6755G2 Dual Graphics setup in Crossfire. Furthermore, the dv6z Quad Edition can now be equipped with up to 16GB of RAM and 1TB of hard drive storage. There are also 9-cell batteries available.   If you’d rather have an Intel version, the highly attractive dv6t quad edition coupon is also still available for a limited time.


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