New HP Quad Coupon (Updated – Again)

[UPDATED September 26 2011] (have a look at our new HP laptop coupons page for all the latest deals on the high-end Pavilion and Envy laptops). This is the latest deal from HP Home and it is worth 30% off HP’s high end Quad-Core Pavilion laptops including free memory and hard drive upgrades. Note that unlike the previous offer, the coupon codes are yet again the same for the dv6t and dv7t, but it is still only valid for the quad-core editions. The current deal on the powerful dv6t Quad Edition is worth 30% off including instant savings and free shipping, with no restrictions on minimum configuration, but don’t miss out on the essential HD 6770M upgrade ($25) for a considerable boost in gaming performance. The same coupon code is valid for the dv7t Quad Edition (scroll down for direct link). This offer is valid for a limited number of uses, including uses on either of the 15.6- or 17-inch laptops.

HP dv6t Quad Editon:

HP dv6t Quad Edition

  • Visit HP and Configure Yours!
  • In the cart, use coupon code: NBY3868  (expired)


HP dv7t Quad Edition:

dv7t quad

  • Visit HP and configure yours!
  • Apply this coupon code in your cart: NBY3868  (expired)

All dv7t Quad Edition laptops are eligible for this offer, regardless of configuration and there is no minimum purchase. Otherwise it’s similar to the one above–30% off and free shipping. Free upgrades to more RAM and larger hard drives still apply. Optional upgrades include Full HD (1920×1080) panels and the aforementioned 6770M ($25 upgrade), which is an absolute must-have for gamers. The final price including the GPU upgrade is just $899. There’s also a choice between a 1GB 6770M and one with 2GB of GDDR5. Both have the same, fast video memory and in this case it is unlikely that more video RAM will have a noticeable effect in most circumstances.


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  1. Actually, I got ahold of HP, and they provided me with that very document — nice work! I found a lot of guides online about removing keys, but they all were older models, so I wasn’t sure if my new model had the same technology (I have a chiclet keyboard). But an HP rep confirmed it does, so I’m gonna pop it apart to try and clean the gunk out. I absolutely cannot believe this happened, on top of everything else =P.

    Thanks for the help!!

  2. Hey Aaron, bad luck with the Dr. Pepper, but good that it was sticky enough to stay with the keyboard (?)

    At any rate, have you looked at this service manual:

    Page 63. It’s dated March 2011 and at first glance it looks like the latest model, unless they changed the layout with the display upgrade.

  3. Hey, humiliating question for you guys:

    How do I pop off the keys from this keyboard, to clean under them? I already spilled Dr. Pepper in there =(.

    I have experience popping off the keys of a MacBook, with a similar-looking chiclet keyboard. Each key had a scissor-mechanism. Is this the same?

    The guides online all look like they’re using older models of the dv6.


  4. Sounds like you’ve had some really bad luck Aaron, and what a royal pain in the *** to get the wrong replacement 😐 I sincerely hope that HP will come through and solve this issue.

    IndyTF: it is really weird that OpenGL support isn’t working with the new switching technology. The GPU definitely has the capability and a driver fix should solve the problem (as long as they actually get around to fixing it). Optimus works well enough (at least with Photoshop) so I don’t see a reason why the same can’t be done with AMD GPUs.

  5. Well, it turns out it was a hardware problem. I called HP, and they offered to ship a new laptop instead of repairing the current one, so I at least can use the current one in the meantime.

    However, the gal that built the replacement did it wrong, and they didn’t upgrade the video card. So now they’re shipping me a second laptop I can’t use. When they tried to build and ship me the third one, my “Bill Me Later” credit didn’t go through, because they already had put the two previous laptops on it. So now I have to wait an extra week or so to order the fresh one, which will take two more weeks to build after order date.

    But as the icing on the cake, I’m moving across the country in 19 days. So the third shipment will leave the factory right as I’m moving to a new address. However, if I order it with my address change, the “Bill Me Later” credit may not be as subject to approval with an address change. Grrr…

    They really royally screwed it up. I was using a student loan to buy the laptop, but the student loan doesn’t come in until September, hence the Bill Me Later method. But now I may not be able to get a replacement at all due to their screwup, and I may have to simply repair my current model (and thus be out of a computer for 2 weeks).

    IndyTF, I doubt Google Sketchup will work, due to the OpenGL complaints I read on their site. I don’t have a high speed connection until I move in 19 days, so I can’t download and test it for you — sorry.

  6. I am looking into buying the same laptop in order to use Google Sketchup for some complex models. Sketchup requires Open GL 1.5 compatibility, and I too am concerned based on some of the reviews. Any chance either of you could confirm whether this would be an issue for me or if the laptop would work as well as I hope it would.

  7. Glad to hear that the switching seems to be working as it should! But how incredibly annoying with the headphone jacks 🙁 I wonder if it’s a software or hardware issue. It sounds almost too unlucky if there’s a bad contact in both of them.

  8. It looks like it’s set to 100%. I ran Bad Company 2, and it seems like the actual gameplay itself is working okay — it’s just the menus that are odd. But it’s not too much of a hassle.

    Otherwise, I can report that it appears the graphic acceleration switcher is working perfectly fine for my machine. When I’m in a game, I can alt+tab to the desktop and it appears they’re all “high performance” accelerated in the catalyst control center.

    However, my dual headphone jacks both appear wonky. It’d be an utter shame to have to ship the machine back for a replacement for something so petty.

  9. Odd indeed. Sounds like a graphics driver issue, or possibly a conflict with the track pad.

    Have you altered the DPI settings in any way? If so, that might be a problem (or if it came with non-standard settings). It’s at (right-click on desktop) -> Screen resolution. Then at the bottom part of the window there’s a link that says “Make text and other items larger or smaller”. Click there to check if it’s set to 100%

    Needless to say, it should work anyway, but it might be related to this particular game.

  10. Yeah, I noticed the Control Center as well. It appears that Team Fortress 2 swapped to it automatically. The game ran fantastic, so presumably it’s working. Bad Company 2 is having a problem with the resolution, though. When I set the in-game settings to the proper screen resolution, the mouse cursor is a little off-center from where it’s clicking. So, if I put the mouse cursor over a menu button and click, it’s actually clicking a little to the left of the cursor. So I have to move the cursor to the right of the menu item, and click, and only then does it work.


  11. Hi again Aaron,

    I had to do some research on this because it is apparently a brand new feature/bug. It looks like HP went with “dynamic switching” in the latest revision of their dv6t and dv7t laptops (May/June, at the same time as the new 1080p panels). This is supposed to work silently in the background similar to Nvidia Optimus, so that users don’t have to bother with switching manually. I’m not particularly fond of either to be honest, but it’s the way things are going now that Intel’s IGPs are built into the actual processor. It should switch automatically when firing up a game or a GPU-accelerated app, but this is done on the driver level so you have no manual control over it. It might, for example, be set to switch to integrated when running on battery power whether you want it to or not.

    Is Open GL not working at all in your laptop? 99.9% of all games use DirectX (D3D) as the default renderer, but there are some older games that use it, as well as the Adobe lineup. In Photoshop, you can check whether it uses Open GL drawing by going to Edit -> Preferences – > Performance. Under “GPU settings” it will display the detected video card (it is an optional feature).

    What does it say in the Catalyst Control Center (right-click on desktop)? It is normally set to “high performance” vs. “power saver” for when running on mains/battery. Are your games switching correctly to the dedicated GPU? You would definitely notice there if it’s trying to use the integrated card, they will barely be playable then if at all.

  12. Another review:

    “On paper, this laptop is a beast. I used a 33% off coupon and got 575 bucks off for what I thought was a steal. 2 GB graphics, i7 2720 processor, 8 GB ram, just awesome. After I opened it and started playing some games, I started to think the graphics should be a little better than what they were. Come to find out the “switchable graphics” isn’t so switchable after all. I paid extra for the beefy graphics card only to have it not be accessible and HP NOR ATI have a remedy for this situation. In my opinion, this is HP’s realm to provide a fix since they chose to use ATI hardware in their machine.
    If you plan on doing gaming, either get the highest CPU so you really don’t need a GPU, or get a different computer.”

  13. Hi Berg,

    I have a question. I pulled the trigger and got this laptop. However, my brother pointed out to me today the “Reviews” page for this machine, which lists a few concerns. Tell me what you think of this:

    “As you may or may not have heard elsewhere, the current laptop models (61xx series) have a problem that prospective buyers should be aware of. Specifically, the graphics devices in this machine don’t function as they should.

    “Allow me to elaborate: these graphics devices have a system called “Switchable Graphics” that, ideally, would dynamically switch from one device to another depending on the application you are running. However, this system is broken; some applications refuse to listen to the settings that you selected and run on the wrong graphics device, causing performance slowdowns or even crashes.

    “Another thing: none of the graphics devices (including the6770m) support OpenGL, a graphics library used in many applications and games including many Adobe products such as Photoshop. If you intend to use this laptop for professional uses then I strongly advise you to check whether or not your applications use OpenGL.”;HHOJSID=2M1GTRPMTxnlQnp0yGry4n4h5wRDNT8crvSjQ2Yh7JjQ7hZv4GN4!802135698?jumpid=in_r329_personalization/browse1/home_SDP

    Should I quickly return it? Is this fixable via software updates? I know OpenGL is absolutely huge, but how huge?

  14. Cool, I think I’m gonna stick with the 6GB. Thanks for the great blog and tips, this $375 coupon deal is seriously too good to pass up.

  15. No problem Aaron 🙂
    The first one is an “it depends” type of question. Most people will no doubt get by with 6GB today and probably tomorrow, but more RAM is never a bad thing. The Superfetch feature in Windows for example caches frequently used apps and games so they start faster. But unlike the video card you can always upgrade with more RAM later on.

    The second question is easier. The 6770M is considerably faster than the 525M, at least 30% or so.

  16. Sorry, yet another question 🙂

    The Dell XPS 15 has the NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M Optimus card, whereas the HP dv6 has Radeon 6770m. I think they may both have the same price after coupons. Is one card significantly better than the other, or are they same-gen comparable cards?

    Thanks again!

  17. Thanks for the help! Another question: Is 6GB of RAM pretty healthy nowadays, or is it worth going up to 8GB? Or is going up to 8GB just completely overkill, even by the next generation’s standards?

  18. Hi Aaron! Good question. To make a long story short, probably not. For current games only very high resolutions and large amounts of post-processing (i.e. full-screen antialiasing, dynamic lighting and so on) would make the 1GB of video RAM a bottleneck, and before that the 6770M itself will likely be the limiting factor.

  19. Hey, is it worth upgrading the videocard not only to the 1GB 6770m, but spend the extra $50 to upgrade to the 2GB 6770m?

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