New HP Pavilion Coupon: Save Up to $350

[EXPIRED] HP is currently running a promotion for the high-end configurations of the Pavilion series. It includes a coupon code that takes $200 off the list price on any Pavilion laptop configured at $1,099 or greater, in addition to free add-ons and instant rebates! For gamers, the best alternatives hands down are the dv6t quad edition, the dv7t quad and the dv6t select edition, since you can get these laptops with the powerful Mobility Radeon HD 6770M, which handily plays all recent games at comfortable frame rates.

The offer has now expired, but we are happy to announce that that there are lots of new coupons coming out of HP Home & Home office on a refular basis, and we recommend that you use the above links to stay up to date on the latest deals. There are currently offers available for the full line of HP Pavilion laptop as well as the Envy series (Envy 14, 17 and Envy 17 3D Edition). The pages linked to in the beginning of this article will stay up to date with the latest deals continuously.

A nice new addition to the high-end Pavilion models is an option to upgrade the quad-core dv6t or dv7t to a Full HD (1920×1080) panel. The latest Pavilion laptops are becoming better and better as an option for budget-conscious gamers. Even though they are not as inexpensive as certain Taiwanese laptops, they come with full U.S. warranty, service and support, making it a reliable option as well. When you configure a dv6t or dv7t for use as a gaming laptop, don’t forget to add the HD 6770M from AMD for a considerable frame rate improvement.

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