Hype of the Day: Huge Laptop Cooler from Thermaltake

Thermaltake has just launched a new laptop cooler, aptly titled “Massive” (and also 23GT for some reason or other). It will no doubt make a fine addition to your gaming laptop setup–the only downside being that you are going to need another laptop bag to carry the cooler.
The Thermaltake Massive 23GT is indeed massive and comes with a range of features designed to appeal to the gaming crowd, including a few LED lights along the big 200mm fan. With a fan that’s larger than the average desktop version, it is probably safe to assume that it’s effective in dispersing heat even from a HD 6990M-equipped Alienware M17x. It looks pretty cool while doing it, too, but that they decided to showcase it with this product is a bit rich:

It’s made to work with laptops up to 17 inches in size and can be flipped up to get that perfect gaming angle, but it obviously works nicely with smaller gadgets as well. Why not try it with your old Gameboy Color.

The Massive 23GT is also equipped with a dual-port USB hub and a control knob for adjusting the fan speed between 500rpm and 800rpm. Conveniently enough, larger fans tend to generate less noise because of the smaller amount of revolutions per minute. This one is rated at max 24dBA. An anti-slip rubber cover along the black metallic mesh is supposed to prevent your laptop from sliding off.

On the whole this looks like a pretty good product even though it is hardly suitable for travel, but for cooling your laptop at home or in the office it will probably do a good job.

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