MSI Updates GT70 with GTX 680M

The 17.3-inch MSI GT70 looks like a nice machine, and now MSI is about to extend the options on the graphics side with the brand new GTX 680M.As we’ve pointed out on several occasions, the Nvidia’s GTX 675M was not a a new graphics card with the 28nm Kepler architecture, but a renamed old GTX 580M which we’ve seen before. This was and still is a very speedy mobile GPU, but just like with previous renaming schemes from both Nvidia and AMD it has been somewhat difficult for the average laptop buyer to choose the right graphics card. The same goes for the GTX 670M (an updated 570M) and most GPUs in AMD’s 7600M series and below, like the HD 7690M (a HD 6770M with higher clocks).

The best option so far has been AMD’s latest Radeon HD 7970M, which is actually part of the latest Graphics Core Next (GCN) lineup and a lot faster on average compared to the GTX 675M. However, now that the GTX 680M has finally been announced it shouldn’t be long before it starts appearing in some high-end gaming laptops. Some of the candidates are the new MSI GT70, the Alienware M17x R4, M18x R2 and the Clevo laptops (P150EM and P170EM).

Based on the specifications, the upcoming Nvidia card should have no trouble competing with AMD’s high-end offering. The GTX 680M is equipped with no less than 1,334 CUDA cores and runs at 720 MHz by default.


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