Mobile Ivy Bridge Refresh Revealed Already

The new high-end Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs are just fresh off the wafer, but what seems to be updates to the current lineup have already surfaced.

Right now the most common processor in new gaming laptops is the Core i7-3610QM, followed by the more expensive 3720QM and 3820QM. There’s also the exceptionally expensive 3920XM, which is unlocked and therefore overclockable, and sold as an upgrade for some custom gaming laptops such as the new Alienware M18x R2.

However, some interesting information has just been discovered by CPU World, namely that there are already updates to the current processor lineup in the pipeline. This is not surprising in itself–the Sandy Bridge chips were also updated–but the timing certainly is.

According to CPU World, Intel plans to add two new CPUs to the quad-core mobile Ivy Bridge family known as the Core i7-3740QM and the Core i7-3840QM.

There is no additional information available at this point other than the part numbers, but if the update to the Sandy Bridge processors are anything to go by, we might be looking at moderate increases in clock speeds. The Core i7-2630QM was replaced by the 200 MHz faster Core i7-2670QM for example, but it could of course be something else entirely.


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