Dell XPS 17 3D Coupon

[UPDATE: this offer has been extended to August 2011] Dell is currently offering a coupon worth $579 (including instant rebates) off the 3D-enabled version of the XPS 17. It’s a full-featured 3D laptop with a quad-core Core i7 processor, 6GB of DDR3 RAM (expandable to 16GB), a Blu-ray writer, 1TB of hard drive storage spread across two 500GB 7,200rpm drives and an Nvidia GeForce GT 550M, which is upgradeable to a GT 555M (highly recommended). Also included is, of course, a 120Hz 3D-capable display with Full HD (1920×1080) resolution. Here’s how to take advantage of the offer:

  • Visit Dell’s promotional XPS 17 3D page
  • Configure the laptop to your liking
  • Add it to your cart and enter the following coupon code: 7WR1C2?HTTQQ11  (expired)

The 3D solution in the Dell XPS 17 is Nvidia’s 3D Vision–the de facto standard in 3D gaming on a PC. This requires a compatible display with twice the refresh rate over regular screens, which is of course included with the 3D XPS 17. It ships with one pair of compatible glasses and it’s easy to add more pairs down the line.

If you are choosing between the GT 550M and the GT 555M, consider that although there’s only a digit separating the model names, the 555M (same as in the M14x) has 144 CUDA cores/stream processor, while the 550M has 96. This translates to about 20% better gaming performance in the 555M in addition to an improved overclocking potential due to lower stock clocks. In short, this is a more important upgrade than a faster CPU as far as gaming goes.


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