Alienware M17x (R2) On Sale – Save $410

[EXPIRED] As a consequence of the Sandy Bridge debacle, Dell is once again offering dual GPU-configurations of the Alienware M17x (two Mobility Radeon 5870M’s in CrossFireX mode), so this is probably your last chance to grab one. They are also throwing a sale on a pretty robust base configuration of the M17x. Both deals are valid until 17-Feb-2011.

The Alienware M17x config includes 8GB of RAM and a 640GB 7,200rpm hard drive for $1,899 – a $410 savings. As mentioned, an extra HD5870 can be added to the mix ($475). Other optional upgrades include a 1920×1200 RGB LED panel and various dual-drive RAID 0 HDD or SSD configurations.

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  1. oh okay thanks a lot for your advice! 😀

  2. @savato: The R3 will definitely be (re-)launched within a number of weeks, after Intel cleans up their Sandy Bridge mess.

    What the choice boils down to (in my opinion) is whether you want a Crossfire (dual GPU) config, which will apparently be unavailable for the R3.

    There is very little difference between the HD5870 and HD6870 (the 6870 actually has a marginally slower clock speed), so you can get more powerful graphics with the R2.

    On the other hand, the Sandy Bridge CPUs in the R3 are better, and it also comes with USB3 and optional 3D kit.

    If you plan on going with a single GPU configuration anyway, I would personally wait for the R3.

  3. Do you think i should get the R2 with the discounts? or should i just wait for the R3 to finally come out. I dont want the R2 if the R3 is gonna come out like just a few weeks after it.

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