Nvidia Releases 285.62 WHQL Drivers

Everyone sitting on a laptop with an Nvidia GPU should have a look at the latest Verde notebook driver update that were released today, which brings a number of improvements to quite a few games–most notably it is recommended for Battlefield 3 because it contains performance improvement and solves compatibility issues for the final version of the game. It is also explicitly  recommended for Batman: Arkham City and RAGE. No word on Skyrim, though.

That’s not all, of course; some examples are quoted that indicate performance improvements of about 5 to 10% for some recent and not-so-recent titles including Civilization V, Starcraft 2, Crysis 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, as well as some slightly older games such as Metro 2033 and STALKER: Call of Pripyat. Most of the highlighted improvements are for SLI configurations, but Starcraft 3, CoD: Black Ops and Bulletstorm should be better off with or without SLI. In other words, these drivers might just lift your games from a barely playable 24 FPS to a silky smooth 25 FPS at Ultra-high settings. 😉

Additionally, a bunch of new profiles for Nvidia 3D Vision have been added to the 285.62 package including Aion and Diablo 3, which are no doubt welcome upgrades for owners of the M17x 3D and other 3D Vision laptops. PhysX has also been given an overhaul as well as Nvidia’s audio drivers.

The new drivers are available here and support all laptop GPUs starting from the 8M series up tp the 500M series. Some users will nevertheless run into problems when trying to update the drivers, particularly those with hybrid graphics solutions or just because the manufacturer has decided that you should only be able to use drivers released for your system, specifically. In that case you can choose to wait for an update for the manufacturer, which is unlikely to materialize anytime soon (if ever) or use modded drivers that should be available shortly. For the record, the new drivers installed without problems on the ASUS G53SX, so installing them on gaming laptops from ASUS should be fine.

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