MSI GT660R Now Available for Pre-order

As mentioned previously, MSI recently announced its latest 16-inch gaming laptop, the GT660. Now it has surfaced on in two versions – one GT660R-003 and one GT660R-004 – priced at $1,499 and $1,699 respectively. As far as we’ve been able to discern, the only difference between the two is the hard drive setup. The more expensive model is equipped with 1TB of storage space, probably across two separate drives, whereas the cheaper variant comes with a single 500GB drive.

If this is the case, it’s clearly a better idea to go with the cheaper model and upgrade later on, as no 500GB, 2.5-inch drive costs more than $200. Otherwise, they are both well equipped, with a quad-core Core i7 740QM at 1.73GHz, graphics provided by an Nvidia GTX285M GPU and 6GB of DDR3 RAM. In addition, the laptops come with USB 3.0 support.


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