3D Laptops up by 30% Next Year?

Sometimes it’s amusing  to see the mainstream media pick up on some tech-related press release and spin it out of control. This time it’s a statement from LG about 3D laptops fed to the uneducated masses via Reuters. What makes it interesting is that the Korean manufacturer LG hasn’t shipped a single laptop to the United States, although they have a small lineup available to the European market.

At any rate, the company seems to have its sights firmly set on ubiquitous 3D functionality. In LG’s case, you might expect this to be mainly related to TVs, but they apparently have some input on laptops as well. They have announed three new 3D notebooks for the South Korean market, with prices about 20 percent higher than similar laptops without 3D capability, which might explain this sudden interest.

With the availability of more 3D content, consumers are enjoying a new experience, and we think that’ll drive growth of the 3D computer market, Harrison Park from LG told clueless reporters.

LG hopes they can gain an advantage by betting heavily on 3D laptops now, says Reuters, probably without knowing that there’s already some tough competition since last year’s launch of Nvidia 3D Vision (included in laptops from several other manufacturers including Asus). But hats off to LG if they want to make a serious attempt–they do have the resources, but their estimates of a 20 % price increase is hopefully way off.

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