MSI GE600 – New 16-Inch 1080p Gaming Laptop

If this one is anything like the previous laptops in MSI’s (G)aming series it should turn out to be pretty good. I used to own a 15-4-inch MSI gamer laptop that was quite slim and light (for a 15-incher) with a nice aluminum finish and an instant-overclocking feature. It only lacked in one aspect – the ridiculously cramped keyboard, but hopefully they’ve had time to improve on that one by now.The GE600 bumps up the size to 16 inches with the more fashionable 16:9 aspect ratio and full 1080p resolution. Otherwise it’s business as usual with a copy of Windows 7 Premium, two DDR3 RAM slots with a total of 4GB and up to 500GB of old-fashioned mechanical hard drive space. Apparently it’s also fitted with (press release quote): “theater-class” speakers (sure, why not).


Somewhat more interesting is the CPU/GPU combination. The MSI GE600 gets the latest 32nm Core i5 with two cores and capable of four threads care of Hyperthreading. The graphics card is the similarly new ATI HD5730, which is built on 40nm technology and should be considerably faster than the HD4670 for example.


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