More Mobile Gaming from MSI: GT660 reports from CeBIT 2010 that MSI has yet another interesting gaming monster in the pipeline – this one is a 16-inch (16:10) quad-core machine named GT660. MSI has offered up gaming laptops before, but apparently the manufacturer has taken a flair for uber-performance laptops and gone “all-in” with this one.

Things being as they are in this industry, this statement is probably false in about a month, but the GT660 certainly looks like the most powerful 16-inch gaming machine yet. It comes with no less than a Core i7 720QM CPU – the latest and greatest quad-core mobile processor from Intel, which clocks in at 1.6GHz but boosts that number to 2.8GHz when it switches to Turbo Boost. Oh, and you can also cram in up to 12GB or RAM.

The video card is an Nvidia GTX 285M – also the fastest Nvidia GPU currently on the market (not counting SLI configurations). The only downside to the GTX 285 is that it doesn’t support DirectX 11, and depending how this DX11 thing turns out it could be a major drawback. On the other hand, a lot of people are still playing on DX9 graphics cards, as the trade-up to DX10 didn’t bring any sensational improvements to the table.

The efficient German editors at Notebookcheck also noted that the build quality could have been better. Apparently it’s mostly plastic, but considering what’s inside I wouldn’t hesitate buying it if it came in a Commodore SX-64 chassis. At any rate it certainly beats my old GX620 in the aesthetics department. The price? 1,500 to 2,000 Euro-bucks.



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