M14x Caught in the Wild

AlienwareThe latest bid on the rumored Alienware M14x is that it has already been reviewed by a Chinese website. If this is real–and it certainly seems to be, as this has been quoted by PCMag, Geek.com and others already–the 14-inch Alienware is indeed on the way and it comes with a quad-core 2nd-gen Core i7 and an Nvidia GT 555M graphics card. This is the very same card as in the high-end configurations of the XPS 17, which would also make it 3D capable if Dell chooses to offer a 120Hz panel option with the M14x.

Other alleged specifications include a 750GB, 7200rpm hard drive and 8GB of 1333MHz DDR3 RAM, along with an Alienware-exclusive Windows 7 interface. Apparently it also seems to be fitted with a 1920×1080 panel. This hardware combined would make it the most powerful 14-inch laptop yet.

Some are questioning whether the GT 555M is up to the task, but this is nonsense. Although there are certainly more powerful GPUs available, putting an even hotter and more power-hungry GPU in a 14-inch chassis simply wouldn’t be feasible. Besides, the 144 CUDA cores and 192-bit memory puts it only a step behind the GTX  460M, which is frequently found in 17-inch gaming laptops, especially if combined with the faster GDDR5 video memory.

All of this is of course pure speculation until it’s officially announced, but if/when it is and if the rumors hold up, your humble correspondent is putting in an order right away.

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