Ivy Bridge IGP Performance Out in the Open

Alleged benchmark figures for Intel’s next-generation integrated graphics has surfaced on the web. If the numbers are to be trusted It is considerably better than Sandy Bridge but will still not be competing with dedicated graphics from the same generation.

Intel has been pushing the capabilities of its next-gen integrated graphics pretty hard. They were even caught out “semi-faking” a demonstration of the new IGP at CES this year, when the company showcased F1 2011 running on an ultrabook, or at least a recording of one.

The Chinese website EXPreview now allegedly has the scoop thanks to an engineering sample of an Ivy Bridge Core i5-3570K. If the benchmark numbers are accurate, the new silicon will be a lot better than its predecessor:


These are impressive numbers from an Intel IGP – in fact it is almost as fast as an integrated AMD GPU. Unfortunately for Intel, there are a few caveats besides the fact that AMD is already faster.

First of all, this is a desktop chip and the laptop CPU:s have a lower TDP and lower clocks in general, so these numbers can’t be directly applied to notebooks. In other words, ultra-thin gaming laptops are still not on the horizon.

Another factor is that AMD is also updating its Llano generation to its own next generation Trinity chips at about the same time. Simultaneously, AMD and Nvidia will be launching next-gen dedicated mobile GPUs, which will be both faster and more energy efficient than the current generation.


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