Ivy Bridge Delay Confirmed

An Intel China representative recently told the Financial Times that Ivy Bridge has been pushed back 8 to 10 weeks, which caused quite a commotion on hardware websites all over the world.

This was not entirely accurate, as it turns out, but the fact that there will be a delay has been confirmed by multiple sources including Intel itself. The delay is however less than two months, but more like “a few weeks” – a vague statement that seems to imply about a month.

As far as laptops are concerned, Ivy Bridge was expected to launch in April alongside the new 28nm GPUs from AMD and Nvidia. A couple of the gaming machines that are scheduled for an update is the interesting Samsung Series 7 Gamer and the new ASUS Republic of Gamers series, including new G75 and G55 gaming laptops that replace the G74SX and G53SX.

It’s unknown whether Nvidia and AMD will also push back the launch date of their new GPUs to coincide with Ivy Bridge. That might be the case, considering that the upcoming laptop models are supposed to be equipped with Ivy Bridge CPUs.

The reasons for Intel’s delay are everything but crystal clear, some are speculating that Intel has pushed back the Ivy Bridge release to allow the manufacturers to clear out existing stock. Others have suggested yield problems with the new 22nm manufacturing process.

Via bit-tech.net


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