GeForce GT 640M (Kepler) Benchmarks Available

The performance of Nvidia’s next-generation (28nm) mobile Kepler architecture is no longer a secret. Some benchmarks have surfaced for the mid-range GT 640M and they look very promising.

timeline ultraWhat makes the whole thing even more interesting is that the benchmarks come from an ultrabook – or at least a thin-and-light 15-inch laptop that Acer has opted to call an ultrabook. This laptop is also known as the Aspire Timeline Ultra M3 and includes a 1.6 GHz low-voltage Core i5 (Sandy Bridge) CPU in addition to the brand new Nvidia graphics card.

So far it is only available in Asia, but will allegedly launch worldwide soon. An Acer Timeline laptop with a sub-par 1366×768 panel is probably not the most appealing laptop for gamers, but the benchmark figures give an indication as to what to expect from the upcoming high-end GPUs in the Kepler lineup. The numbers come from the folks at PC Perspective, who have been given some quality time with the new Acer laptop.

battlefield 3

Image Credit: PC Perspective

In spite of the laptop’s low-voltage processor, the performance of the GT 640M is definitely impressive for a mid-range GPU. It even beats the higher-end GT 555M in the current Alienware M14x in some games, most notably Battlefield 3. The mere fact that it plays BF3 – one of the most demanding games for the time being – basically means that it plays any and all games at decent quality settings.

It also performs better in 3DMark 11 (but not 3DMark 06), which suggests that Kepler offers significantly improved performance in DirectX 11.

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