Mobile AMD Radeon HD 7000M Series Details Leaked

“Leaked” is usually something of an overstatement in these circumstances, as it often just involves someone taking a look at the “.inf” file in publicly available drivers. It is nevertheless always interesting to see what AMD and NVIDIA are up to in  the graphics department–particularly at this stage when the move to a new 28nm production process is in the works.

As we already knew, the high-end (i.e. gaming laptop) chips will not be launched for a while yet. Both AMD and NVIDIA are holding on to those gems a while longer. The mainstream AMD GPUs, on the other hand, should start appearing in December, and it looks like the redesigned Envy 15 and 17 will be the first laptops to be equipped with 28nm AMD Radeon video cards.

The generally trustworthy German site was first to break down the specifics on the upcoming AMD chips. In the far right column it is of course supposed to say memory “speed”, or clock if you prefer (takt in German):

AMD HD 7000M SeriesThe Wimbledon Pro and XT (Radeon HD 7990M?) as well as the Heathrow and Chelsea parts do not have an official launch date, but we are fairly convinced that the Thames part will show up in December along with the new HP Envy lineup (h/t Venceslas for that detail). The Envy 17 has been listed as having an AMD Radeon HD 7690M XT with 1GB of VRAM, which corresponds well with the Thames XT part.

At the lower end of the scale it looks like AMD is going to stick with the unpleasant tradition of rebranding old parts, meaning that the Seymour chips will be manufactured at 40nm and essentially be variants of current low-end GPUs from the HD 6000M series.

Jesper Berg
Jesper Berg

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