Medion Erazer X7819

erazerTo compete with so many different gaming laptops these days that are being sold at extremely expensive prices, Medion announced its Erazer X7819. It is a less expensive gaming laptop that promises great performance and ultimate gaming satisfaction.

The Erazer X7819 has a full HD 17.3-inch wide screen display at 1080p resolution that blends with the ultimate performing NVIDIA GTX 670MX graphics card. It also utilizes a 3rd generation Intel Core i7-3630QM processor that is at 2.4GHz and 16GB of RAM.

It uses Windows 8 which gives gaming laptop users to get accustomed to the modern browsing experience on tablet PCs and mobile smartphones even when they are using their laptops. It also has 750GB of HDD storage capacity which makes it capable of accommodating even the most storage consuming games these days.

The built is quite rugged looking; big and bulky. But a lot of gaming laptop users who would like to maximize the value of their money, it is definitely very hard for them to resist the cheaper selling price for the great software combination that the Erazer X7819 offers.

Medion is currently offering their gaming laptop products on big sale.

Author: Meryll

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