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If you’re looking to buy a new gaming laptop – or simply want to get the most out of the one you own – look no further. Here you’ll find buying guides as well as upgrade options and other articles on our favorite topics.

Gaming on the 11″ MacBook Air

The new MacBook Air is here, and this time it comes in a very neat-looking and tiny 11.6-inch variant. While this is certainly no dedicated gaming machine, it is considerably more powerful than a netbook. And thanks to the integrated...

/ October 29, 2010

Intel i-Series (Calpella) Mobile Platform Overview

Intel continues the tradition of naming its mobile platforms after wine districts in California – the latest one is called Calpella. Unlike Intel’s previous laptop platforms, this one departs from the Centrino branding, which will be phased out along with...

/ May 16, 2010

Mobile Core i3 – Good Enough for Performance Gaming?

Considering that the Core i3 is four-threaded and only lacks the Turbo Boost feature compared to the Core i5 and i7, the i3 is still faster than the vast majority of Core 2 Duo’s. But if you want the best...

/ April 8, 2010

How to Find a Great Gaming Laptop: The Basics

Locating a gaming laptop that suits your needs and wallet is a lot easier now than it was a few years ago. Mobile technology is rapidly becoming smaller and more efficient at the same time, and the best part is...

/ October 4, 2009