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How Intel Iris Chips Will Improve Gaming Laptops

May 10, 2013 by Meryll divider image

The new line of 4th generation Intel processors that is now called Intel Haswell is said to have integrated Iris chips that would double the performance of an Intel HD Graphics 4000. It also opens the possibility of new gaming laptops being a lot thinner and lighter because they no longer need to have a dedicated graphics card.

The Iris chips will have support for DirectX 11.1, OpenCL 1.2 and Open GL 4.0 which are technologies that newer dedicated graphics cards also support. It also promises double the performance of the existing Intel HD Graphics which can already be used for hardcore gaming and also double the 3D processing performance.

A lot of hard core gamers these days are boxed within the idea that if they want a good performing gaming laptop they would have to choose between portability and performance. Although some gaming laptops have already gotten rid of the optical drive which is among the biggest contributory factors to the bulk of the device, it does not totally make them thinner and lighter because they would still have to accommodate a dedicated graphics card slot. With the new Intel Iris Chips on the 4th Generation Intel processors, gaming laptops will be a lot thinner because they would only need to have one processor. They are also designed for laptops that have minimal components but greater performance. They will get rid of optical drives and other gaming laptop necessities and put them in a more compact technology.

The new Intel Iris Chips will make gaming laptops better performing but a lot more portable.

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