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Knowing the Best Gaming Laptop Brands

February 7, 2013 by Meryll divider image

For as long as there are people who would like to have fun, computer or online gaming will exist. Computer manufacturers will always have a large number of customers to cater to and they will always have reasons to keep coming up with newer and better computing devices. Despite the existence of so many new and top performing ultra-portable computing machines, gaming laptops from the top manufacturers are not threatened. What do they have that would keep them afloat in the market?


            Known for its sci-fi style and amazingly beautiful decorative lighting, the Alienware gaming laptop series has always been the top choice since its founding year, 1996. When it comes to the hardware quality or durability, gaming laptop users probably found it very easy to trust Alienware primarily because it is a subsidiary of Dell which is also very popular for manufacturing top quality and very durable computing machines.

Looking into the specifications, Alienware gives justice to its sci-fi style by utilizing the top software from highly reputable software companies. Although it allows users to customize their laptops, it initially has the latest and top-performing NVIDIA GPUs. Alienware makes sure that their GPUs are able to support the latest gaming technologies like DirectX11, 3D Vision, etc. The CPUs that are being used for all Alienware laptops are also always the latest and can also be modified by the users. They also make sure that they have large enough RAM and storage to accommodate games that have quite heavy graphics. It also has dual GPU features which provide gaming laptop users the option to experience ultimate realistic gaming. Alienware also has adequate ventilations that are situated at very strategic locations like the sides or at the back to make sure that the heat is released even when the user makes use of it on a really closed surface. Because of its features and specifications that have primarily been put together to endure hard core gaming, it is also inevitable that the Alienware selling price is quite expensive. It is expensive but most gaming laptop users still find its price justified by its specifications.


            Unlike other gaming laptop brands that base their selling prices on the features and specifications that they have, MSI gaming laptops put together features and specifications at a price that gaming laptop users can afford. This is the reason MSI gaming laptops are able to offer great performance at still affordable prices. A well-known and reputable Taiwanese electronics company, the Micro-Star International or MSI has well-established its brand for gaming laptops by simply making gaming laptop users realize their need for the features and specifications they have.

For instance, the very ordinary QWERTY keyboard that is being used by laptop manufacturers is emphasized by MSI on their GE70 Gamin Notebook introduction as ergonomically arranged. Well, the truth is—all laptops, whether they are used for gaming or not, utilize QWERTY keyboards and would therefore all have ergonomically arranged keyboards.

MSI gaming laptops though have very much adequate features and specifications. It utilizes the best performing NVIDIA GPUs and the latest Intel CPUs. They also have large enough RAM and storage. What probably makes MSI a little less than the Alienware series of gaming laptops is that MSI gaming laptops do not have the sci-fi style that fuels gaming twice better than just ordinary lighting effects.


            Asus, one of the world’s leading computer manufacturers launched a separate line of gaming laptops in 2006 and it was called the Republic of Gamers or ROG. These gaming laptops could easily be identified because of its unique industrial-looking design and seemingly great and very effective ventilation at the back of each laptops or sometimes, along the sides.

ROG laptops do not have a sci-fi effect or excessively attractive lighting effects that fuel most gamers, but it does have an extremely rugged design. The rugged design is very effective in making people think that these laptops are very durable and perfect for hard core gaming.

Looking into their features and specifications though, ROG gaming laptops are very much like any other gaming laptop brands. They offer durable gaming laptop design with good enough gaming laptop performance for reasonable prices that most gamers can afford. It utilizes the latest and top performing NVIDIA GPUs and it also features dual-fan filter that would keep it cool and quiet even during massive gaming performance. ROG gaming laptops are also known for its support for 3D Vision effects in order to give gamers a realistic gaming experience.

Origin PC

            Founded by former Dell employees, Origin PC is now one of the world’s leading custom gaming laptop manufacturers. The founders must have retained their goal of providing top quality and performance for gaming laptops which is why their products are currently among the world’s best.

At first glance, Origin PC gaming laptops and Alienware look quite similar. Both look sturdy and very durable and both have very good looking lighting effects. The Origin PC logo on the laptop cover also gives a slight sci-fi looking effect. In terms of features and specifications, Origin PC laptops are also able to compete with the Alienware performance primarily because they also make use of the top NVIDIA GPUs and the latest Intel CPUs. They also have Turbo boost technologies to make sure that they are able to give their gamers ultimate performance on whatever game they decide to play. Origin PC gaming laptops also feature illuminated keyboards. They add up to the extreme gaming effects. Just like Alienware, Origin PC gives justice to their quite expensive selling prices.


One of the newest and most exciting gaming laptops in the market these days is the Razer Blade. Its lighting effects, design and specification does compare well with the top Alienware laptops and sometimes even exceed.

It is also very popular for its ultra-portable form factor and the switchable UI which primarily positions the touch pad at the right most corner of the laptop for the gamer’s convenience.

There are still so many other laptop manufacturers that have also dared to get into the gaming industry. But these five gaming laptop brands make extremely loud noises in the market.

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