Samsung Series 7 Gamer Updated

Samsung’s entry into the gaming laptop segment, the Series 7 Gamer, was showcased during CES with a relatively impressive feature set and a promise that it will ship to the U.S.

The hardware specifications have already been updated and for some reason Samsung has dropped the option for a 3D display on the Series 7. However, the previously mentioned Radeon HD 6970M is still present, as well as a next-gen Nvidia GTX 670M alternative.

The latter is still at least a couple of months away and should arrive at roughly the same time as Intel’s new Ivy Bridge platform, which will also be included in the Samsung laptop.

It was something of a surprise that Samsung of all companies would be launching a gaming laptop, but the Series 7 Gamer looks more and more interesting and might just be able to compete with the likes of Alienware.
At the very least it will do so in the pricing department. In spite of the high-end hardware, the base model will go for $1,799–not cheap but actually very competitive for what you get.

The design also looks solid. It is a lot more low-key than MSI or Alienware for example, but still plays the part of a gaming machine with a few different colors to choose from, a backlit keyboard and a dedicated volume dial similar to the ones on the latest HP Envy 15 and Envy 17. It also comes with a JBL sound system including a small subwoofer.


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  1. Yes it does look very neat. With Ivy Bridge + next-gen Nvidia card it could be a hit.

  2. This looks great. I like that it doesn’t look like a clown dressed in a tron outfit like the Alienware laptops do.

    Low key is better.

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