Nvidia 3D Vision 2 Backwards Compatible

Nvidia’s 3D solution is still the most popular and arguably best option for gaming, considering the extensive support for both new and older titles. Now the manufacturer has released Mk. 2 of the 3D glasses, and existing owners of 3D Vision-enabled gaming laptops and monitors will be happy to hear that the new glasses are backwards compatible.

The main improvements in version 2 is partly that the glasses are larger and thus better equipped to block external light sources, providing a more immersive experience, and also that they provide a brighter gaming experience through a technology called LightBoost.

LightBoost requires new hardware though. So far just one desktop monitor has been certified for LightBoost – the 27-inch Asus VG278H – but there are more products on the way, including LightBoost-enabled 3D laptops from Toshiba. Allegedly, the Qosmio X770 and X775 will add support for the technology in the coming months. We haven’t heard about support for the Alienware M17x, but it seems pretty likely that this laptop will be updated as well.

Another improvement to the new active shutter glasses is that they are made from a softer material for a more comfortable fit. The pricing will remain unchanged at $149 including a wireless USB kit and $99 for a pair of extra 3D Vision 2 glasses and as expected we are already seeing price cuts on the original version of the glasses/kits.

Although Nvidia’s 3D Vision is the most popular technology for gaming in 3D, it has the obvious downside that it only supports Nvidia graphics cards. There are, however, other versions that work with AMD GPUs; in this context the most notable exception is the 3D version of the HP Envy 17. The other option is the glasses-free alternative that uses parallax barrier technology similar to that in the Nintendo 3DS. One of the laptops using this type of technology is the new Toshiba Qosmio F755. Also check out our listing of what we consider the best 3d gaming laptops at the moment.

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