More about the Non-Death of PC Gaming

Razer recently announced that PC gaming is not dead, which was nice of them to point out. Then they went on to announce “the world’s first gaming laptop” to a cheering crowd. Amazing. Lest anyone suspected that PC gaming might be dead or even on the way out, Nvidia now comes to the rescue and confirms the obvious.

Sure, consoles are still selling and will continue to do so, but they are always at a severe disadvantage to the PC industry, where changes happen much more frequently. As far as gaming performance goes, the Xbox 360 was pretty much beaten by faster PCs on arrival, whereas the PS3 seems to be the least favorite platform among game developers. Then there’s Nintendo of course–a company that has (somehow successfully) made a name for itself for not caring about fast hardware at all. On the other hand, Nintendo is more aimed at youngsters and good-old family fun, which is also a lucrative niche.

Then there’s the matter of the infinitely long time (compared to PC) between the releases of new console hardware. There’s neither a new Xbox nor a new PS4 around the corner any time soon–something that of course also plays a role in PC gaming catching up to console gaming yet again.

Nvidia also has something to say about the non-death of PC gaming. Tom’s Hardware met up with Nvidia to talk about some upcoming hardware that’s apparently still a big secret for us mere mortals, at least until next month. Some hardware coming out in the near future, apparently. However, they also went on to talk about about the state of PC gaming, and if anyone knows where it’s at, it has to be NVIDA–the company that brought us the Riva TNT.

PC Vs Console Sales

Even though the three console giants continue to sell hardware, game sales are clearly on the decline, and according to Nvidia (via Tom’s Hardware) this trend is not about to change in any near future. The gist of the message is that the revenue from console games will be surpassed by PC games by 2014. Nvidia also makes the valid point that lots of today’s revenue in the PC gaming market is coming from such terrific services such as Steam and others. We are basically done with buying games in boxes. Sure, they look nice on your book shelves next to the books you never read, but why should we play games from slow-loading disks in 2011?

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  1. Now that you mention it, the thing looks absolutely ridiculous once it starts predicting the future. On the other hand the decline in console sales is hardly surprising between two hardware generations. I’d say neither console gaming or PC gaming is about to die any time soon 🙂

  2. Uh, does anyone notice how dumb that chart looks. Both PC and console systems appear to be rising and then all the sudden in 2012 (the unknown future) consoles sales drastically fall. Haha, this is one massaged prediction being thrown at us by Nvidia and we blindly believe it, comon…

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