HP Envy 15 with Core i7 and HD4830 Looks Promising

env150HP is pretty shameless with its new Envy series – both the 13-inch Envy 13 and the 15.6-inch Envy 15 look surprisingly similar to a certain Apple laptop. On the other hand that’s the equivalent of really attractive. And it’s quite pimped on the inside, too. Both Envy laptops look great, and are also lightweight  – even the 15-inch model weighs just 5.18lbs. Compare that to the similarly outfitted Alienware m15x that tips the scale to a hefty 9lbs. Magnesium alloy and aluminum have been used to keep the weight down and enhance that “premium” feel of the laptops. On the downside, we’re most likely looking at a premium price tag on these beauties as well.

Looks somehow familiar. Oh, and the whole trackpad is a button.

Looks somehow familiar. Oh, and the whole trackpad is a button.

For gamers, the Envy 15 is no doubt the interesting model, just look at the specs: A quad-core Core i7 CPU with Hyperthreading, up to 16GBs of DDR3, and an ATI Mobility Radeon 4830 GPU. All this in an attractive MacBook Pro-like chassis. Sorry for making this sound like a sales pitch from an HP representative, but  I can’t help getting worked up about this laptop.


HP won't quit with the "imprint" finish, however.

The Mobility Radeon 4830 is in the lower end of the 4800 series, but that doesn’t mean it lacks power. It has twice as many shaders as the 4650/4670 and should theoretically be at least on par with the Nvidia 9800M series (there are no laptops released yet with the 4830). It does not, however, support GDDR5 memory, making it slower than the top cards in the 4800 range.

All in all, the Envy 15 looks like a combination of excellent performance and high portability. It becomes available at the launch of Windows 7.


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  1. I use a HP Pavilion DV4-1541US 14.1-Inch Espresso laptop. I am not a professional but all I can tell is that I am extremely satisfied with this laptop. It has lots of features, works very well, has WiFi, awesome for media (clear sound, bright display) and is not very expensive. My HP notebook well worth the cost I paid for it.

  2. HP laptops are pretty decent. Depends on which model though. The Envy series is top notch, if a bit expensive.

  3. Help me please HP notebooks a suitable brand of notebooks? I’m going to purchase a new notebook soon and I’m curious is HP a good laptop. Who can tell me it last for yers and have long enough battery. I actually want a macbook however this thing is very expensive. Thus i was shopping around if HP laptops are good laptops.

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