Going Pro: MSI Launches GT60 Workstation

MSI is now launching a laptop with a professional-grade Nvidia Quadro K2000M graphics card. The model in question is the GT60 and other than the GPU it appears to have the same feature set as the GT60 gaming laptop.

Gaming laptops are usually high-end machines, so using them as professional workstations is never a bad idea. However, for professional 3D rendering, CAD, DCC and so on you probably want a GPU with certified drivers.

MSI is meeting that demand by using an Nvidia Quadro card in the pro version of the GT60. More specifically it’s a Quadro K2000M, which is equipped with the Kepler GK107 core with 384 CUDA cores and a 128-bit memory bus. These specs make it comparable to the GT 650M or GTX 660M on the consumer side, so it wouldn’t make the best gaming laptop list.

Unlike the consumer GeForce series, this GPU is not optimized for gaming but for professional applications, so it probably performs a bit worse in games compared to those cards. On the other hand this shouldn’t matter much if you’ll mostly be using it professionally. Besides, it is optimized for professional uses and should perform a lot better in these situations.

According to MSI, the K2000M is orders of magnitude faster than the GTX 675M in certain OpenGL benchmarks, including 10x better than the 675M in ProE -05 and 4x faster in SolidWorks -02. It’s also 6x faster in Catia -03, whatever that is.

The rest of the hardware is largely the same as the GT60 for gamers. That includes quad-core Core i7 processors, up to 32 GB of RAM, up to dual SSDs in RAID-0 (including an mSATA SSD), Killer Wi-Fi and a keyboard by SteelSeries (which might look slightly out of place on a professional workstation). The display panel appears to be a higher quality model than the gaming model, capable of displaying 95 % of the NTSC color spectrum.

Via TechSpot


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