Nvidia ‘Positively Surprised’ by HD 7900

In an entertaining statement to Scandinavian hardware site Nordic Hardware, Nvidia said that the company “expected more from [AMD’s] new architecture”.  There is no question that Nvidia is currently behind AMD on the desktop GPU market, where AMD already has a next-gen product on the market–the 28nm Southern Island/GCN-based HD 7970. For the time being it runs circles around Nvidia’s fastest single-GPU options. In addition, there’s yet another graphics card on the way, the 7950, which is also rumored to beat Nvidia’s GTX 580.

Meanwhile, Nvidia itself is keeping the lid on regarding new releases built in the latest 28nm process at TSMC. During CES, they could apparently be no more specific than to point to a launch during the first half of 2012. According to Nordic Hardware, there were indications that Nvidia’s next-gen Kepler architecture could be arriving by the end of March, but also slip into Q2, giving AMD a considerable head start on the competitor.

Nevertheless, the most astounding statements from Nvidia representatives were that they were “positively surprised” that AMD’s architecture isn’t performing better, and that they “expected more” from it. Either this is just sore loser talk or Nvidia has something truly revolutionizing up its sleeves.

At any rate, AMD can continue not to care, all while taking an increasing share of the market from Nvidia with its new chips. AMD’s Bulldozer platform has been a minor catastrophe on the desktop market, so the company’s acquisition of ATI some years ago looks like a life saver in retrospect.

Unfortunately, the ‘real’  7000M series for laptops (28nm) is still several months away, with April/May being the latest bid.

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