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Free Ivy Bridge Upgrades for Origin PC, Alienware Buyers

In an unusual show of customer appreciation, gamers who bought a new EON 15-S, EON 17-S or other select Origin system just prior to the Ivy Bridge update are being given free updates to the latest generation Intel processors.

/ May 10, 2012

CES 2012 Gaming Laptop Roundup

Your humble correspondent it unfortunately not a CES correspondent this year, but the least we can do here is to round up the biggest gaming laptop news to comes out of the #1 consumer electronics trade show.

/ January 11, 2012
Origin PC EON 17-S

Origin PC Back-to-School Coupon

This offer, valid through August, is definitely the most gamer-centric, unique and funny of all the back-to-school deals out there right now. It is good for free maximum overclocking(!) as well as free shipping. Here’s how to take advantage: Configure...

/ August 6, 2011

Origin PC EON 17-S Overclocks to 4.5GHz

Origin PC has just launched an updated EON17-S, a new laptop in Origin PC’s lineup with the latest Sandy Bridge CPUs all the way up to the Core i7 Extreme Edition, which can be overclocked up to 4.5GHz! In other...

/ April 30, 2011

Origin PC EON17 – A Real Desktop Replacement

Origin PC just launched the EON17 – a new customizable gaming laptop that uses desktop CPUs and RAM. This opens up the opportunity to configure a laptop with Intel’s Core i7 hexa-core processors (with 12 threads) and up to 24...

/ September 29, 2010