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Origin PC Updates EON 15-S, 17-S

Origin PC’s 15″ and 17″ laptops are now ready for Intel’s upcoming Ivy Bridge processors that are due by the end of April. The new models come with the new HM77 chipset, which is backwards compatible, so for now the...

/ April 10, 2012

MSI Launches GT685 with GeForce GTX 580M

15.6-inch laptops with the world’s fastest mobile GPU aren’t exactly a dime a dozen. Actually there has just been one so far, so this release is far more interesting than, say, the overblown hype surrounding the Razer Blade.

/ January 3, 2012

Asus N82J – A 14-Inch Quad-Core Powerhouse

Asus has officially introduced a new 14-inch model called N82J that should appeal to gamers looking for powerful specs in a svelte package. Interesting features include Nvidia Optimus hybrid power, USB3 and a quad-core i7 CPU. Despite the specs, it’s...

/ April 4, 2010

Nvidia Optimus for Laptops – A Better Hybrid Solution

It looks like Intel and Nvidia are beginning to reconcile their previous differences. Nvidia is about to launch a follow-up to Hybrid Graphics – the previously awkward combination of an integrated Intel GPU and a more powerful dedicated one.

/ February 9, 2010