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Nvidia GeForce 965M Introduced in New MSI Laptops

At CES 2015, MSI updated their range of gaming laptops in the GE series, but the most interesting part of the launch was the use of Nvidia’s new upper-midrange GeForce GTX 965M, which is based on the energy-efficient Maxwell architecture and has...

/ January 21, 2015

Best Gaming Laptops – January 2013

Top 10 Gaming Laptops – January 2013 This list is based on actual or estimated gaming performance, factoring in the hardware specification (particularly the graphics card) relative to the laptop’s size. January Update: Not many changes from last month; current...

/ January 1, 2013

MSI GT70 Dragon Edition Available Now

MSI released the latest incarnations of its 15.6″ and 17″ gaming laptops – also known as the GT60 and GT70 – in conjunction with Intel’s Ivy Bridge launch earlier this year. Now the manufacturer has updated the GT70 with an...

/ December 30, 2012
msi gt60 pro

Going Pro: MSI Launches GT60 Workstation

MSI is now launching a laptop with a professional-grade Nvidia Quadro K2000M graphics card. The model in question is the GT60 and other than the GPU it appears to have the same feature set as the GT60 gaming laptop. Gaming...

/ December 3, 2012

MSI GX60: ‘First’ AMD-Based Gaming Laptop

High-end laptops in general built around AMD processors are few and far between. Full-featured gaming laptops are an even rarer breed.  

/ November 16, 2012

iBuyPower Launches Valkyrie CZ-17 (MSI Based)

iBuyPower has just unveiled a new 17.3-inch gaming machine dubbed the Valkyrie CZ-17. If you think that it looks eerily familiar you are not alone. It appears to be based on the MSI GT70.

/ June 21, 2012

MSI Updates GT70 with GTX 680M

The 17.3-inch MSI GT70 looks like a nice machine, and now MSI is about to extend the options on the graphics side with the brand new GTX 680M.

/ June 13, 2012
MacBook Pro

What is an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer)?

Original design manufacturing refers to companies who produce a product that will later have a different company’s logo placed upon it. This is commonplace among laptop manufacturers and is a process used by most of the big names in the...

/ April 4, 2012

MSI GT60 and GT70 Unveiled

A whole bunch of new laptops with Intel Ivy Bridge processors and next-gen Nvidia/AMD GPUs have been unveiled at CeBIT in Germany this week.

/ March 7, 2012

MSI GT683DXR-423US Review

[pcu id=44] Guest Review by: Lin Xi Zhang Ever wanted a top of the line product without paying a top of the line price? That was what I had in mind when I set out to find a new gaming...

/ March 5, 2012