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Intel Moving Towards 14nm

Moore’s Law is apparently still valid as far as Intel is concerned. The chip giant is already well ahead of the competition and intends to trample it yet again by moving to a 14nm production process while competitors like AMD...

/ December 6, 2012

Mobile Ivy Bridge Refresh Revealed Already

The new high-end Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs are just fresh off the wafer, but what seems to be updates to the current lineup have already surfaced.

/ May 28, 2012

AMD Trinity: Better Integrated Gaming Graphics

One of AMD’s new Trinity chips have been thoroughly tested and it looks like a modest improvement for integrated graphics.

/ May 15, 2012
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Mobile Ivy Bridge CPUs are Official

Intel only releases five mobile processors in the initial batch of new 22nm Ivy Bridge processors. Conveniently enough, though, all of them are quad-core varieties that should drip feed into the latest gaming laptops real soon.

/ April 23, 2012

Ivy Bridge Launch Dates Confirmed

There has been much talk back and forth about delays with Intel’s next-gen Ivy Bridge platform, but now it looks like things have started to settle, with some launch dates confirmed.

/ March 29, 2012

Even Less Mediocre IGP in Intel’s Haswell

Intel’s next-generation Ivy Bridge processors will start to trickle out in April, but some details about the successor Haswell, due in 2013, have already surfaced. It seems that Intel continues its valiant struggle towards integrated graphics that suck slightly less.

/ March 19, 2012

4.16GHz MSI GT780DX Unveiled

Overclocking the processor in a gaming laptop is impressive, even if it doesn’t have such a major effect on gaming performance.

/ March 1, 2012

Ivy Bridge Delay Confirmed

An Intel China representative recently told the Financial Times that Ivy Bridge has been pushed back 8 to 10 weeks, which caused quite a commotion on hardware websites all over the world.

/ February 29, 2012

Ivy Bridge IGP Performance Out in the Open

Alleged benchmark figures for Intel’s next-generation integrated graphics has surfaced on the web. If the numbers are to be trusted It is considerably better than Sandy Bridge but will still not be competing with dedicated graphics from the same generation.

/ February 24, 2012
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Nvidia’s Next-Gen Kepler GPUs Shipping to Laptop Manufacturers

Not only is Nvidia’s latest 28nm “Kepler” GPU parts shipping to laptop manufacturers, the latest news is that it will end up in ultrabooks.

/ January 30, 2012