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Best Gaming Laptops – January 2013

Top 10 Gaming Laptops – January 2013 This list is based on actual or estimated gaming performance, factoring in the hardware specification (particularly the graphics card) relative to the laptop’s size. January Update: Not many changes from last month; current...

/ January 1, 2013
HP dv6t Quad Edition

HP Pavilion dv6t Coupon (Ivy Bridge/Kepler)

Updated November 2012: The latest July 2012 deal is worth 33% off a custom dv6t Quad Edition including free shipping! New offer.

/ November 8, 2012
New dv6t quad

What’s New in HP’s dv6t, dv7t Quad Edition?

The latest updates to HP’s 15.6-inch and 17.3-inch high performance laptops, the dv6t and dv7t Quad Edition have not been particularly well covered by the media, with most of the attention being directed to the new ultrabooks and ‘sleekbooks’ from...

/ May 22, 2012
amd 7000m series

Radeon HD 7690M/6770M Overclocking Experiment

The AMD Radeon HD 7690M XT found in lots of HP laptops at the moment is already an overclocked card–the HD7690M is actually an HD 6770M with a higher memory clock–so it should have been unlikely to go much further,...

/ April 17, 2012
MacBook Pro

What is an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer)?

Original design manufacturing refers to companies who produce a product that will later have a different company’s logo placed upon it. This is commonplace among laptop manufacturers and is a process used by most of the big names in the...

/ April 4, 2012
HP dv6t Quad Edition

Next-Gen HP dv7t, dv6t (7000 Series) Specs Listed

HP has taken the lid off some details regarding the upcoming replacements for the 15.6-inch Pavilion dv6t and the 17.3-inch dv7t. Not surprisingly, the specs include Ivy Bridge processors and a mobile Nvidia Kepler GPU in the dv7t.

/ March 20, 2012
battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 Laptop System Requirements Check

In case you haven’t noticed, the latest shooter from DICE/EA looks amazing, and for the same reason it’s also very demanding.

/ March 16, 2012
HP Envy 15 (2012)

HP Envy 15 Coupon – Save 33%!

Updated 6/3/2012: HP’s latest and greatest 15.6-inch Envy 15 has just been issued a new coupon for June worth 33% off customized laptops, including free shipping!

/ February 21, 2012

Best 3D Gaming Laptops 2012

Jan. 2012 update: This article was originally published a few months ago, in the middle of 2011, and surprisingly little has changed considering the usually rapid development in the tech industry. As of CES 2012, we have seen some progress...

/ January 1, 2012
Envy 17

HP Envy 15 Returns – Redesigned

The original Envy 15 was an incredibly fast 15-inch laptop when it was launched in 2009. It borrowed the MacBook Pro design put replaced the hardware with a (then) vastly more powerful 1st-gen quad-core Core i7 CPU coupled with a...

/ November 16, 2011