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Best Gaming Laptops – January 2013

Top 10 Gaming Laptops – January 2013 This list is based on actual or estimated gaming performance, factoring in the hardware specification (particularly the graphics card) relative to the laptop’s size. January Update: Not many changes from last month; current...

/ January 1, 2013
mars venus

‘Solar System’ Radeon HD 8000M Due Early Next Year

According to Chinese website EXPreview, AMD is planning to launch a new batch of graphics cards for laptops and other compact systems under the none-too surprising Radeon HD 8000M brand name. There’s not that many news other than the fact...

/ December 17, 2012
Asus G55VW

GTX 660M Benchmarks (G55VW Vs G53SX)

We’ve just unpacked a brand new ASUS Republic of Gamers G55VW and run some Futuremark benchmarks on it, comparing it to its predecessor, the G53SX.

/ May 4, 2012

Asus G55VW, G75VW get RAID Support

Asus has uploaded the manuals to its upcoming 15.6-inch G55VW and 17.3-inch G75VW gaming laptops – successors to the G53SX and G74SX – and they contain some interesting tidbits, including information on how to set up a RAID array.

/ April 16, 2012
MacBook Pro

What is an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer)?

Original design manufacturing refers to companies who produce a product that will later have a different company’s logo placed upon it. This is commonplace among laptop manufacturers and is a process used by most of the big names in the...

/ April 4, 2012
battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 Laptop System Requirements Check

In case you haven’t noticed, the latest shooter from DICE/EA looks amazing, and for the same reason it’s also very demanding.

/ March 16, 2012

Asus G75/G55 Gets GeForce GTX 670M

The next-gen Republic of Gamers laptops from Asus are scheduled to arrive in April, equipped with Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge CPUs and a still mysterious Nvidia GeForce GTX 670M. This is not a surprising update in the least, as many...

/ February 6, 2012

Best 3D Gaming Laptops 2012

Jan. 2012 update: This article was originally published a few months ago, in the middle of 2011, and surprisingly little has changed considering the usually rapid development in the tech industry. As of CES 2012, we have seen some progress...

/ January 1, 2012

How Much Video RAM Do I Need?

MSI has just issued another press release concerning its 17.3-inch GT780DX–the latest model from MSI, which looks very attractive in terms of specifications and pricing. The only news this time, however, seems to be that MSI has doubled the amount...

/ December 21, 2011

ASUS G53SW: $799.99 [Expired]

I ran a poll a while back, asking the readers at what price they considered an “affordable gaming laptop” to actually be affordable? I set the lowest option to “below $800” thinking that this would be ridiculously cheap if it...

/ October 11, 2011