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Acer to Launch Updated Aspire V17 Nitro at CES 2015

Acer arrives at CES 2015 with the 17-inch Aspire V17 Nitro in tow. Like its 15-inch sibling, it’s a low-key, elegant device with a Haswell processor and the Maxwell-based Nvidia GTX 860M. It also comes with the Kinect-inspired feature RealSense.

/ January 5, 2015
Not a Gaming Laptop

When does a Laptop Qualify for the ‘Gaming’ Prefix?

It would be presumptuous to answer that question. You might consider your old Eee PC 701 a gaming laptop–after all, you can play the original Duke Nukem and the original Fallout series on it along with lots of other great classics. And...

/ April 11, 2011

Pimp My Budget Laptop (Acer 4820TG Overclocking + SSD)

We’ve just had a chance to play with a TimelineX AS4820TG from Acer, which is an interesting creature; a discreet 14-inch budget-friendly laptop that wouldn’t raise any eyebrows at the office. However, under the hood it hides a bit of...

/ February 19, 2011