Overpowered – Walmart’s own Brand of Gaming Laptops

Walmart is not the first brand that comes to mind when thinking of high-end laptops, but that may be about change. The retail giant is now entering the market with its own line of ‘Overpowered’ gaming laptops, based on Tongfang barebones and equipped with the latest Intel CPUs and Nvidia GPUs.

17″ Overpowered model from Walmart (image: Walmart)

The Overpowered line is comprised of a 15-inch and a 17-inch model with a range of configurations that you’ll instantly recognize. Like virtually all current gaming laptops, Walmarts laptops are equipped with Intel processors starting with the quad-core Core i5-8300H up to a hexa-core Core i7-8750H. On the graphics side, they come with similarly ubiquitous Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 or GTX 1060 GPUs.

What separates Overpowered laptops from the competition is a rather aggressive pricing. The entry-level 15-inch model, with a Core i5-8300H and a GTX 1050 – and interestingly a 144Hz display – can be had for $999. For that price you also get 8 GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD/1 TB HDD combo. A higher-end 15″ model with a Core i7/GTX 1060 combo retails for $1,399, while the 17″ model with largely the same hardware costs $1,699.

While these laptops may have a hard time competing against custom designs such as the (now cheaper) 15-inch Razer Blade or the new and slimmer Alienware m15, they do seem to offer good value for budget-conscious buyers. However, now might not be the best possible time to buy a gaming notebook, as a new generation of Nvidia GPUs is rumored to appear soon.

Notebookcheck spotted that these laptops seem to be based on so-called barebooks (barebone notebooks) from Chinese original design manufacturer (ODM) Tongfang. This is likely a good sign, as Tongfeng designs are used by several respected brands in the US and Europe, such as Origin and Schenker.

Jesper Berg
Jesper Berg

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