MSI GT783 (Also) ‘World’s Fastest Gaming Laptop’

Interestingly, there are quite a few laptops on the market right now that are the “world’s fastest gaming laptop”. You can be absolutely certain that it’s not the MSI GT783, however.

Not that there’s anything wrong with it–MSI’s latest and greatest 17-inch G-series gaming laptop looks fantastic and has just been equipped with the fastest mobile GPU available, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 580M. Its 15.6-inch sibling, the new GT685, has also been given the same treatment. This is great, but it doesn’t make any of them the world’s fastest in spite of MSI’s bold press release. That title of fastest gaming laptop still belongs to the gigantic Clevo X7200, which is sold under different names by a variety of boutique laptop builders.

The X7200 is equipped with desktop CPUs and not one GTX 580M but two (or whichever high-end GPU you prefer, really). On the downside its 13.5-pound weight and 60 minute battery life is a deterrent for some gamers, not to mention its exorbitant price tag once you start tricking it out with all the bells and whistles. Alienware’s M18x is also faster than the MSI with its optional dual GPU setup, as are a number of other SLI/CrossfireX laptops.

MSI GT780 / GT780RMSI’s less-than-accurate press release notwithstanding, the GT783 definitely looks like it can compete with other 17-inch gaming laptops including the Alienware M17x in terms of performance and feature set. One of the most interesting features, which is proprietary in MSI gaming laptops, it the TDE (Turbo Drive Engine) that consists of a physical button for overclocking the system. This may result in a significant performance boost, and the best part is that overclocking is officially covered by the warranty. There are no other other gaming laptops with this particular feature, making it unique in that aspect.

MSI is also imitating Alienware (in a good way) with the new back-lit keyboard. It is designed by SteelSeries and has an unusual key placement in the lower left corner that supposedly makes gaming easier. Just like its Alienware counterparts, the keyboard also changes color to suit your preference.


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