Razer is an American computer accessory manufacturer, specializing in gaming products such as mice and keyboards. In 2011, the company announced its first Blade gaming laptop – a 17-inch model that was shortly followed by a 14-inch variation in 2012.

The original Razer Blade has since been complemented by the Razer Blade Stealth (13.3″) and Razer Blade Pro (17.3″). As of 2019, the Stealth and Pro are still available, but the 14″ model has been replaced by the Blade 15, in the mainstream 15.6″ format. All Razer laptops are built with premium materials and come in a comparatively compact form factor. To date, only various combinations of the latest Intel/Nvidia CPUs and GPUs have been used.

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Razer Blade 17 Pro 2019
3 months ago

Razer Blade 17 Pro 2019

Meta-review: Hardware editors have mostly positive opinions about the current Razer Blade Pro, not least because it delivers ...
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Razer Blade 15 2019
4 months ago

Razer Blade 15 2019

$2,399.99 $2,199.99 -8%
Meta review: On average, Razer's 2019 model of the Blade 15 gets excellent scores from hardware editors. It ticks most if not all ...
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